Thursday, November 15, 2007

New web-related resources

What's up everybody.
I've been meaning to add a few new blogs and links to the sidebar for some time and I'm just doing this now to point them out.
A couple of folks told me about this New York Times page on environmental issues. Its worth checking out.
Also from New York Times - next time you want to accidentally spend a few hours of your life in cyberspace, the Freakonomics blog is addictive, entertaining, and you can even learn stuff.
Another really good (and popular) link that I've been meaning to put up for a while, right here on blogspot, is the Dieneke's Anthropology Blog.
And last but not least, our very own British human macroecologist living in Mexico, has just updated his personal website with info about his research and whatehaveyou. Check out Marcus Hamilton's new site here.

I hope you take advantage of these and the other links on this site as they are fun and efficient ways to get good information, or at least some fairly intellectual entertainment.

Best wishes,

PS! And this just came to my attention. This is one of the coolest web resources I've ever seen. Maybe the coolest for anyone with an interest in big picture patterns of human demography. I highly recommend you all spend some time at


Anonymous said...

For those of us stuck out in the field, it is nice to have a place to reconnect with the greater world and keep up with what is going on in the ivory tower, beyond what may be listed in the major news sites. So, thanks for the links.


Justin Smith said...

Thanks, Oskar. Gapminder is definitely worth checking out, Hans Rosling's lectures from the TED conferences especially.

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