Thursday, November 1, 2007

Week 12: Scaling (part 1)

Required Readings
*Brown, J. H. 2002. The fractal nature of nature: power laws, ecological complexity and biodiversity. Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences 357:619-626.
*Gibson, C. C., E. Ostrom, and T. K. Ahn. 2000. The concept of scale and the human dimensions of global change: a survey. Ecological Economics 32:217-239.
*pages 1771-1777 of Brown, J. H., J. F. Gillooly, A. P. Allen, V. M. Savage, and G. B. West. 2004. Toward a Metabolic Theory of Ecology. Ecology 85:1771-1789.

Schneider, D. C. 2001. The Rise of the Concept of Scale in Ecology. BioScience 51:545 – 553.

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