Friday, January 4, 2008

A couple hits from the blog ('osphere)

Here's some fun reading: has this story about recent work regarding population declines in the Upper Paleolithic.

Freakonomics has an interesting post about the recent hubbub over California's emission reduction program getting blocked by the federal government. And it includes links/ref to a story that attempts to break down the economics behind California's plan. They argue that the costs of their plan have been severely under-estimated and that if California moved forward with it, it would contribute to the state's financial woes. I have to admit that I wish the study were wrong because I like the idea of the states taking the lead on a very lackluster federal government on issues like this. But it is of course a complex matter and we shouldn't endorse any plan that sounds good... We should pay close attention to this and other potential conflicts between state governments and the Feds/EPA on issues of sustainability, emission reduction/energy-use/recycling and the like.

And lastly - are you left or right brained? I see this thing going one way and one way only - I can't imagine it going counter-clockwise. See for yourself.



Dan said...

It is going clockwise and anyone who disagrees is wrong.

dia said...

you can make it go both ways if you look at the shadow and squint a little! i feel so well-balanced since my right and left brain functions seem to be working--ha, ha!

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