Friday, January 25, 2008

Special Feature: Foraging with Charnov

This semester I'll be taking a 1 hour seminar from Dr. Ric Charnov that meets every Friday, in which we'll be going through a new book on Foraging theory that just came out a few months ago. (also available at Amazon).

Foraging: Behavior and Ecology

Foraging: Behavior and Ecology (Paperback)
by David W. Stephens (Editor), Joel S. Brown (Editor), Ronald C. Ydenberg (Editor)

The book contains 14 chapters and we'll be going through each one sequentially, one per week.
Each week after class I'll write a short blog about the chapter and try to summarize any highlight's from our class discussion. I really hope some of you out there who are interested in foraging will read along and chime in on the blog. It should be a good way to get up to date on this challenging and always rapidly expanding field.

I probably wouldn't argue that all things foraging theory are necessarily part of what we call human macroecology but foraging behaviors and the models used to understand them are fundamental to a vast range of ecological and evolutionary questions. Moreover, foraging behaviors may often be part of the rule sets generating complex emergent social/group level/population patterns. That is, they may be part of the simple rules of interaction that generate emergent macroecological trends.

Anyway, starting next Friday for all weeks of the semester except springbreak there will hopefully be a blog about the chapter we discussed that week. Next week we start with chapter 1 ; Foraging: an overview, by R. C. Ydenberg, J. S. Brown, and D. W. Stephens.
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